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Add-In Tab Developer Tool Released

Brendan has posted a “Windows Home Server Tab Test Loader”. It is a tool that enables add-in developers to quickly and easily test their add-in’s without having to deploy them. So if you are a developer you can can find more info and the download link at Brendan’s site “I hate Linux”.


HP's MediaSmart Home Server Custom Software

Thanks to Terry at We Got Served for leading us to the PC World Magazine article detailing the software that will be included with the HP MediaSmart EX470 and EX475 home servers. Large OEM manufacturers like Dell, Packard Bell etc like to customize the software experience for the end user. Here is HP’s offering: Customizing […]


Diskeeper 2008 for Windows Home server

Our friends at Diskeeper have given us some more info on their defragger specifically for Windows Home Server. Available in the 4th quarter on this year Diskeeper 2008 Home Server edition will be the first dedicated defrag tool for our Home Server’s. I have been using a pre-release version for the last few weeks and it has been excellent. […]


Anti-Virus for WHS – The Re-match

Before dedicated Anti Virus products from Avast, F-Secure and others appear for Windows Home Server we have to rely on other AV products. We looked at Anti Virus software for our Home Servers in the past here and here. To recap we tested a few “home” products and as expected they would NOT install on […]


New Security Suite for Home Server

Well we have a new Security Suite for your Home server which is a beta release. Eset Smart Security from the guys who make Nod32, so you know it will have a good viral detection rate and it’s light on resources too. ESET Smart Security is an integrated security solution containing Antivius, Anrtispyware a Personal Firewall and Antispam functionality […]


Dynamic DNS (DDNS) or A backup for

As you may know Microsoft temporary provides the sub domain to make it easy for you to establish a connection to your Windows Home Server remote access page (Web Interface) without needing to track the IP address. The method of keeping this easy to remember name linked to a changing (dynamic) IP address in real time is known […]


A Windows Service Installer for Windows Home Server

uTorrent add-in developer Marcel Nouwens has been a busy person. He has also released AnyServiceInstaller which enables you to install any application on WHS as a windows service, so when you are logged out from your home server the application you installed will continue to operate without a logged in user. This can be done manually off course but this software simplifies the task. […]


Compatibility problems with NOD32 Anti-Virus

   NOD32 on a go slow!     It seems that some of us are having problems with NOD32 on home server. One of our contributors TheJudge found that the Nod32 AMON service is NOW blocking access to he’s shared folders, but only since the installation of the uTorrent service. “After about a dozen different configurations, trials and reboots, I […]


Speed up File Transfer to your Shared Folders

You may notice that it can take quite a time to move/copy large amounts of data to the WHS shared folders. To speed up this file transfer process I use FastCopy from SHIROUZU Hiroaki. To get the FastCopy utility to work you have to first map your shared folders to drive letters*. Copying 9.12GB of files […]


New Anti Virus for WHS from Avast

Terry Walsh from We Got Served has posted details regarding a WHS anti virus product from Avast. It will cost $39.96 – $50 which is a lot cheaper than their server offering and will be available later this year. P.S. Welcome home Terry from the States!