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TwonkyMedia Server for WHS 5.1.2

Version 5.1.2 of the TwonkyMedia server for Windows Home Server is available for download here with all the latest fixes etc.


The Newbie WHS Developer Kit

The developer of AutoExit has put together a developer kit for Windows Home Server newbie’s. Nick Asseloos has compiled information from developers Brendan Grant and Sam Wood and scoured MSDN and other WHS resources for information which is relevant to would be add-in developers. These tutorials walk you through the different steps of setting up […]


TwonkyMedia Server Update

A new release of TwonkyMedia Server is now available.   Version 5.1.1 is available for Windows Home Server users from here.


Add-In Reporter

Add-In Reporter is a piece of software which will help create a centralized Windows Home Server Add-In Repository with the newest update information directly from add-in developers – An AppStore for Windows Home Server Users. If you are an add-in developer you can use this tool to automatically send your MSI / Add-In information to […]


Diskeeper 2010 HomeServer

The defragmenter for our Home Servers has been updated. Diskeeper 2010 HomeServer edition has been updated to include IntelliWrite which prevents the majority of fragmentation before it even happens and for any fragmentation that does occur, Diskeeper 2010 utilizes a powerful defragmentation engine to rapidly handle any remaining fragmentation with zero impact on system resources. […]


Windows Live Mesh on WHS

Website Spackle have an article on how to install Windows Live Mesh on Windows Home Server. The guide details how to set Live Mesh up and what to do if the setup fails. Once complete Live Mesh should start synchronizing your WHS folders. All the details are available here.


Windows Home Server Shortcut Maker has a great article on how to add a Windows Home Server shortcut to My Computer which also includes the following right-click options Browse the home server shares Access the home server console Remotely computer manage the home server Remote desktop to the home server   And despite the official name of the app […]


Microsoft Security Essentials – Beta

I have been hearing a lot of good things about Microsoft’s new security suite for a while now and have been waiting to get my hands on it for some time. First thoughts were that I would have to keep an open mind and not let Windows One Care cloud my judgment; I can honestly […]


ESET NOD32 Antivirus (4.0) on Windows Home Server

The first thing to notice when on ESET’s website is that there is no mention that this version is available to be installed on WHS, it is only when going through the knowledge base does this become apparent, this I am sure will be rectified shortly, you can find the knowledge base article here. Following […]


Watch Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and more via WHS

By installing the PlayOn Media Server onto your Windows Home Server (Service Pack 1 or later) you are then able to watch Netflix, Hulu, CBS, YouTube, CNN, ESPN and Revision3 amongst others on your PS3, Xbox 360, HP MediaSmart TV, Popcorn Hour or other UPnP/DLNA compliant device. This is all done via the PlayOn software […]