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DVBLink v3.0 RC1 Patch 1

If you are using DVBLink v3.0 RC1 than a patch has been posted for the Network Pack which fixes the following issue: DVBLink server crashes and hangups when using DVBLink server web interface To apply the patch, stop the DVBLink service and copy TVWebServer.dll into dvblink2\Sinks\TVWebServer and then start DVBLink server again. Remember this patch […]


TwonkyServer Version 6

Twonky have just released version 6 of TwonkyServer, the software which brings the connected home together. TwonkyServer is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and the Windows version works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Home Server. Here’s some of its features: Aggregate your media from multiple servers, so that you can […]


Live Mesh to Become Windows Live Sync

First was FolderShare which then became Live Sync and then there was Live Mesh also. But soon there will be Windows Live Sync which will have the Live Mesh technology ported over to it. So although Live Mesh is going, its features are still available in the new improved Windows Live Sync, which should be […]


Home Server Backups Fail when Using Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost is an imaging program similar to Acronis True Image which creates full system and file backups by cloning the hard drive. And why is this relevant for Windows Home Server users? Well it seems that having Norton Ghost 15 installed on Windows 7 (or Ghost 14 on XP or Vista) will cause the […]


DVBLogic Version 3.0 RC1

The guys and girls at DVBLogic have been busy lately, by just releasing RC1 of DVBLink version 3.0 just a few days after beta2 was announced. Here’s what’s new and fixed: All products: fixed series importing when using xmltv fixed "show other showings" when using xmltv implemented duplicates handling mechanism for xmltv files NetPack: Several […]


PerfectDisk Vail Beta Program

Raxco Software Inc. are developing a new version of the defragmentation tool PerfectDisk which will be fully integrated into the new Vail dashboard and Launchpad, which will deliver a complete storage management solution for Vail. To help them develop this solution they are after your help. If you are a Vail user you can join […]


DVBLink Version 3.0 beta 2

The software which enables you to add tuner cards to Windows Home Server has a new beta. Here is what’s new and fixed in Version 3.0 beta 2: All source products: Made DVBLink special streams optional Fixed hang-up of DVBLink server when stopping the service Added channels numbers to EPG Sources tab of DVBLink Server […]


TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.5

Version 5.1.5 of TwonkyMedia server for Windows Home Server is available for download Here’s the release notes: Changes: Add autodetection support for WMP11 when it is in player only mode No longer starting ssdp server on local interface by default (Linux,Mac OS) Added new client adaptation for Philips TVs Improved interoperability to Samsung TV when […]


DVBLink 3.0 beta 1 – Transcoded Streaming to Browsers

Version 3.0 beta 1 of DVBLink is available for testing – The software which enables you to add tuner cards to Windows Home Server. The main feature added to this release is transcoded streaming to internet browsers. TV is streamed using Windows Media format and works both for internet and intranet although 5 consequitive ports […]


TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.4

TwonkyMedia Server has been updated to version 5.1.4 This latest version includes the following fixes: fixed: Windows 7 is requesting a driver installation for Twonky fixed: Twonky prevents NAS from going into sleep mode fixed: Crashes when sharing 3gp content fixed: File-scanner statistics not working fixed: DLNA certification fails when upload is disabled fixed: MKV […]