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DVBLogic EPG beta version!

DVBLogic have just released a beta version of their new EPG, sounds like an easy install in order to get working. They are including periodic scan so it will bring through all the latest program info direct from stream every 12 hours. They are warning this will only works with DVBLink Server v3.0 or higher! […]


TwonkyServer 6.0 User Guide

Twonky have released an updated User’s Guide for TwonkyServer 6.0. The 13 page TwonkyServer UI Configuration User Guide can be downloaded in PDF format directly here.


Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Installs on WHS

Microsoft are offering a new public beta of their Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) anti malware product and the good news is that our friend Drashna Jael’re  bought to our attention that it installs on both Windows Home Server v1 as well as Vail too. This is great news for Windows Home Server as MSE will […]


Drive Balancer for Adding Hard Drives

The Drive Balancer app is designed to balance data distribution to all disks in the pool in Windows Home Server, ideal for when you add a new hard drive to your Home Server and it doesn’t necessarily start getting used for a while. While Microsoft has made changes to the usage of the Landing Zone […]


DVBlink TVSource 3.1

Version 3.1 of DVBLogic’s DVBlink TVSource is available. As an ideal software application for having tuner cards in Windows Home Server. here is what is new and fixed in version 3.1: Substantial speed-up of channel changes for systems with satellite tuners and diseqc Substantial speed-up of channel scan Fixed compatibility with AnySee tuners and their […]


DVBLink Walkthrough Presentation

Gary [WMA] recently done a DVBLink presentation and has since kindly uploaded the screen capture with annotations (no audio) which will walk you through the the DVBLink setup process. Its a great 46 minute presentation which you can either watch on Blip TV or download the 261MB WMV file. Information courtesy of


DVBLink for ATSC and QAM Version 1.0B1

As you are aware we are fans of DVBLink which will allow you to install tuner cards into Windows Home Server if you so wish and stream the content across your network. But up until now it only worked with European content, but as off yesterday those of you in North America can now use […]


DVBLink TVSource 3.0.1

More updates from DVBLogic this week who have upgraded the DVBLink TVSource component to version 3.0.1 which is inline with their Network Pack. DVBLink TVSource v3.0.1 is available! Minor update to DVBLink TVSource that has the following fixes: – Fixed TVSource not allowing standby – Fixed some of the "No TV signal" errors – Made […]


DVBLink Version 3 Update

We announced last week that DVBLogic had released version 3 of the DVBLink Server Network Pack. The good news now is that DVBLink TVSource is now at version 3 too as well as all their other DVBLink products. More details are available on what’s new and fixed in both DVBLink TVSource V3.0 and DVBLink Server […]


DVBLink Server Network Pack Version 3.0

DVBLink Server Network Pack version 3.0 is out, allowing you to watch your favorite TV channels not only inside your house, but also over the Internet using a browser interface wherever you are. The DVBLink Server Network Client stays at version 2.1 to ensure interoperability with the currently available release version of all DVBLink source […]