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Drive Bender Released for Windows Platform

As expected after a long day yesterday ironing out some last minute issues Division-M have released beta 1 of Drive Bender for all versions of Windows, XP and above. Unfortunately the WHS add-in wasn’t released as the team ran out of time so it didn’t make this beta release but it still works great on […]


DVBLink Version 3.2.1 Available

DVBLogic have just released version 3.2.1 of DVBLink. This latest version fixed some streaming issues on both the IPad and the IPhone and now has an option to backup and restore the channel settings amongst many other fixes and enhancements: General Added: Portuguese language Added: Server and source channel settings backup and restore functionality Added: […]


DVBLink 3.2 Released

DVDLink version 3.2 has been released by DVBLogic. This free of charge update for existing users includes the following changes: General Added: Czech, Chinese and Polish languages Added: EPG program information overwrite on each update. This means that previously incomplete EPG data will be overwritten with a newer one when it becomes available. Added: Channel […]


DVBLink 3.2 RC3

Another beta version of DVBLink hits the interweb courtesy of DVBLogic in the form of 3.2 RC3. Hers what’s new and fixed from RC2: DVBLink Server Network Pack: Fixed: unstable streaming to IPhone Fixed: unstable channel switching in web streaming interface DVBLink TVSource: Added: support for TBS 6921, 8921 and QBox3 tuners NOTE: Version 3.2 […]


DVBLink 3.2 RC2 Available

dvblogic have released version 3.2 RC2 of DVBLink for testing. Here’s what’s new and fixed from RC1: General: Fixed: "DVBLink program has stopped responding" pop-up in MediaCenter/Extender when local MediaCenter is used simultaneously with Extender device(s) Added: New product installer for DVBLink TVSource / Net Pack Updated Dutch, German, Czech and Swedish localizations DVBLink Server […]


DVBLink 3.2 Beta 3

If you would like to house tuner cards in your Windows Home Server than the DVBLink software from DVBLogic is the way to go as it makes these cards network aware. Currently the guys are releasing beta releases at the rate of one per week, with the current release being DVBLink 3.2 beta 3, here’s […]


TwonkyServer 6.0.28

Version 6.0.28 of TwonkyServer for XP/Vista/Windows 7 and of course WHS users is now available. This latest version includes the following fixes: TMS-Rescan set to specific number of minutes is not working properly Add custom DLNA profile for MKV to improve interop with certain clients CDS contains duplicate resource entries with same resolution in one […]


DVBLogic 3.2 Beta 2

DVBLogic have released an update to their TVSource and Server Network Pack components for their tuner card/s in WHS solution. Version 3.2 beta 2 includes the following changes from beta 1: General – Fixed: DVBLink MCE launcher not hidden sometimes – Added: Channel numbers are taken from xmltv during EPG channel mapping – Fixed: autopopulating […]


DVBLink v3.2 Beta1 Public Beta

DVBLink have released v3.2 beta1 of their products for public beta. Their great software which enables you to use a Windows Home Server for housing tuner cards includes the following changes: DVBLink TVSource – Added EPG from the stream (EIT packets) support – TeVii S660 support (changed tuner name) – Support for new TBS tuners […]


TwonkyServer 6.0.1 Available

TwonkyServer 6.0.1 is available from today. “TwonkyServer 6.0 includes a new feature that enable users to aggregate media located on multiple PC’s or other media servers throughout the home into one cohesive view.” One new feature that should please many is the new multi file auto hide, this works by recognizing the same file on […]