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ASUS Discontinues WebStorage and Drops TS mini Home Server Range

ASUS have today withdrawn its WebStorage add-in for WHSv1 and dropped its TS mini Home Server range. Those looking to use online storage with WHS still have many options in the market place, but this is another massive blow to the WHS OEM market, leaving many to wonder whether any manufacturer will be left in […]


HP ProLiant MicroServer for £122

For those of you in the UK HP have extended their £100 cash back offer on their ProLiant MicroServer. The offer which originally started on the 1st of February is now extended until the 30th June, which means after cash back the MicroServer can be got for less than £122. The cheapest we have found […]


Acer RevoCenter Announced and Demoed at Computex 2011

At Computex 2011 (a computer trade show in Tiawan), the Acer RevoCenter powered by Windows Home Server 2011 was announced: “The Acer RevoCenter was connected with a variety of devices showcasing a true always on Connected Home experience.  Many people were interested to see scenarios where they could access their media anywhere in the world […]


DriveBender is MonStore at Tranquil PC

UK based Tranquil PC announced last month that they would be using Division-M’s DriveBender add-in for Drive Extender functionality, and today Tranquil have named this add-in Monstore. With DriveBender being an OEM software product it gives companies the opportunity of branding the add-in with their look and style, like Tranquil PC have done. With MonStore […]


The Coordy HomeServer Cube

The Coordy’s HomeServer Cube D52 is a low power Atom based WHS 2011 Home Server. Currently available for purchase in Japan, the specs are as follows: CPU – Atom DualCore D525 Memory – 2GB DDR3 SODIMM (1GBx2) HDD – 4TB (2TBx2) PSU – 200W VGA – Onboard Intel GMA 3150 There are 2x USB2.0 ports […]


Three New Home Servers from UK Builder

pcspecialist who build their own PCs for resale to the public have just announced that they have three systems available complete with Windows Home Server 2011. Their entry level Silent Home Streamer is powered by the Atom D525 DualCore Processor, has 2GB of SODIMM DDR3 memory and comes complete with a 250GB SATA hard drive, […]


HP ProLiant MicroServer for $280

Newegg have the HP ProLiant MicroServer at a good price, a machine we love and currently use here at for WHS2011. The MicroServer is powered by the AMD Athlon II NEO N36L running at 1.3 GHz and comes with 1GB of DDR3 memory and includes a 160GB SATA hard drive which is ide as […]


DataCore DriveHarmony Beta Opens

As you are probably aware DataCore’s answer to the missing Drive Extender technology in WHS 2011 is called DriveHarmony and as of now you have the opportunity to participate in the DataCore DriveHarmony Beta Program. The beta software is available as a 30 day trial for you to download from here. Technical help during this […]


Pool and Data Consistency in StableBit DrivePool

The guys behind StableBit DrivePool have a couple of great articles about their Drive Extender replacement add-in. Their first article looks at pool consistency, and states: Managing a pool of disks that hold all of your data raises some interesting questions regarding pool consistency. Namely, what happens if one of the disks go missing? What […]


SMB MVP Community Roadshow Starts Tomorrow

The SMB MVP Community Roadshow Sponsored by HP and Microsoft starts tomorrow and hosted by Paul Arthur and Kevin Royalty. Although the products discussed at these events include SBS 2011 Essentials and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials we wanted to bring this to your attention since these two products are very similar (in certain […]