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The BYOB Podcast Episode 72

Episode 72 of the BYOB podcast has just been uploaded: "2011 Tech Faves, Tim’s server woes, Mike’s ESXi update, Michael’s Crossfire, AMD 7970 specs released, facebook client, AppRap" For all Build Your Own Box enthusiasts, you can catch episode 72 here.


Riley Home Server Price Reductions

Tranquil PC have announced that since hard drive prices have started to drop slightly following the flooding of hard drive factories in Thailand that they are reflecting this decrease in their product pricing: The Riley (Home Server) Storage Unit prices have been reduced, ie the 4TB unit has seen a £150 price reduction, the 8TB […]


Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 Review have a review of Western Digital’s Sentinel DX4000, a lovely piece of hardware powered by Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials, a part of the “Colorado” family of products. Their comprehensive review looks at the design and build of the DX4000, its performance and power consumption. In conclusion the reviewer added: WD accomplished what it […]


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 167

Episode 167 of The Home Server Show podcast is up And in this weeks edition: John, Jim, and Dave discuss some news for the first half and then Jim and DVN interview the developer of the Drobo for WHS add-in.  It’s a good listen even if your a Drobo fan or not.  It should give […]


HP ProLiant N40L and OCZ Agility 3 Combo for $320

Newegg have a great offer on the HP ProLiant N40L MicroServer bundled with a 60GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD for $319.99, saving you $119.99 off of the original price of $439.98. And if you send in the rebate card you get an extra $20 off bring the price down to just $299.99 – Bargain! You […]


The BYOB Podcast Episode 71

The BYOB podcast is up and on this weeks episode: SkyDrive for iOS and WP7 reviewed An exploration into ESXi as a virtualization platform Initial impressions of the Fractal design Define R3 case HTC Titan/Focus S/iPhone4S/Skyrocket comments The new dashboard for XBOX Plus lots more on episode 71 of the BYOB podcast.


Hitachi First to Market 4TB Hard Drive

It appears that Hitachi are coming out with an internal 4TB hard drive as part of its Deskstar line of drives. Its the first 4TB HDD and was spotted on the Akiba PC Watch website selling for 26,800 yen (approx. $343). The 0S03361 drive has 32MB of cache, a SATA 6Gbps interface and has Hitachi’s […]


30% Off PerfectDisk 12 Home Server

For 2 days only if you use the coupon code MERRY30 at you can get 30% off of the listed price of $39.99 for PerfectDisk 12 Home Server. That brings the cost of this defragmentation tool for Windows Home Server users down to $27.77 – That’s a great saving! More details on PerfectDisk Home […]


A Perfect Home Server

Eric Rux tells us about his perfect Home Server. He accomplished this by purchasing a HP StorageWorks X310 Home Server and updating it with WHS 2011, installing the Drive Extender type add-in Drive Bender and finally finishing it up with an install of Orb: “I now have the perfect Home Server: Home Server 2011 running […]


Seasonal Fun

Its getting very close to Christmas, and as Santa gets ready to deliver pressies to those of you who have been nice this year, we thought we would tell you about the following seasonal fare: Google Snow – If you type the words let it snow into the Google search box snow flakes will start […]