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ReFS File System for Windows Server 8

Microsoft have announced that Windows 8 will feature a newly engineered file system by the name of ReFS in it’s server edition of the product. ReFS, which stands for Resilient File System will be introduced only as part of Windows Server 8 to start with and so naturally will affect users of the next version […]


Manage your Home Office with WHS 2011

Ric Chapman over at tells us how we can manage our home office with Windows Home Server 2011. The article starts out be asking why WHS 2011? and then goes through the setting up process of Microsoft’s latest Home Server offering. Backups, Add-Ins, remote access and alerts & notifications are also taken a look […]


WHS 2011 Compared to WHS Version 1

A nice comparison which we found over at the Japanese website comparing WHS 2011 to Windows Home Server v1:


KeepVault Acquired by AuthenTec

Proxure today announced that their online backup service KeepVault has been acquired by AuthenTec a leading provider of mobile and network security. Here is their press release: AuthenTec Acquires Proxure to Enhance Security Offerings for Consumers, Small Businesses MELBOURNE, Fla., January 9, 2012 – AuthenTec (NASDAQ: AUTH), a leading provider of mobile and network security, […]


The Media’s View on Storage Spaces

We explained about Windows 8’s feature called Storage Spaces in our article the other day entitled Drive Extender Reincarnated in Windows 8? For those of you who haven’t read the original article yet I recommend you head over to MSDN to read it. In the meantime the blogosphere have given there opinion on Storage Spaces […]


The BYOB Podcast Episode 73

The latest edition of the BYOB podcast is up and this week its all about Data Recovery, Encryption and Hard Drives: …we have the pleasure of being joined by Scott Moulton owner/founder of  We had a blast and learned an incredible amount about data recovery, hard drives, SSDs, and encryption…Get comfortable as this 2:10 […]


Storage Spaces vs DrivePool

Covecube the makers of DrivePool have a great discussion in their forums on Microsoft’s pooling solution in Windows 8, Storage Spaces vs DrivePool.   Alex from DrivePool posted the following remarks: I knew about storage spaces in Win 8 for a while, but Microsoft’s blog post explained a lot. Obviously, this is a very bad […]


Drive Extender Reincarnated in Windows 8?

On their Building Windows 8 blog Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky and Rajeev Nagar, a group program manager on the Storage and File System team revealed details of Storage Spaces a feature in Windows 8 which seems like Drive Extender (DE) implemented in a different way or reincarnated so to speak. Many of us have been using […]


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 168

The weeks storage news and CES 2012 preview is up in episode 168 of The Home Server Show podcast with Dave, Jim and John. All this plus the weeks Home Server news which you can find here.


HP MicroServer with 8GB Memory for $320

Newegg are now offering free 8GB RAM upgrade with the HP ProLiant N40L MicroServer. The N40L comes with a 250GB SATA hard drive, which is ideal for installing the operating system on and with free shipping included the $319.99 asking price is a good deal HP ProLiant N40L Ultra Micro Tower Server System AMD Turion […]