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WHS and SBS KBs and Wiki Links

Sean Daniel has a great list to resources for SBS and WHS users. His list comprises links to router setup wikis, server deployment, remote web access, media and workgroup KBs plus a lot more from Microsoft’s Windows HSBS team. You can check out Sean’s listing here.


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 170

This weeks edition of The Home Server Show podcast is out: …plenty of talk about Synology and Windows 8 Storage Spaces and talk about a typical “Home” server and it’s role in the household. All this is on episode 170 of The Home Home Server Show.


G Data for HomeServer – A Users Review

TwinTraveller gives his opinion of using G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer. In the forum post at WeGotServed TwinTraveller goes through his experience of installing and using this new security package from G Data for WHS 2011 users. You can find the post here.


The BYOB Podcast Episode 74

Episode 74 of the BYOB Podcast is up and this week its what CES 2012 had to offer. Western Digital My Book Thunder bolt, Highpoint hybrid RAID, Fractal and Lian-Li cases and lots more. You can find episode 74 here.


WD DX4000 Sentinel Mini Review

SmallNetBuilder have a mini review of the WD DX4000 Sentinel. Included is a look at the innards of the Sentinel particularly at the different chips involved. It’s performance including RAID 5 file copy read and write performance are also listed, which you can read about here.


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 169

Episode 169 of The Home Server Show podcast is available. In this weeks edition: “We dive deep into a blog post about Windows 8 and how the new Storage Spaces works.  There are some telling points to discuss about the future of Windows Home Server and how storage management is changing for Windows.  Plenty to […]


Should Additional License Packs be made available for WHS?

Gunnar Peipman on his ASP.NET blog says that Windows Home Server needs a new licensing scheme. Gunnar is recommending that the base package should be 10 licenses as it is right now, but that there should also be an option to buy more licenses such as 5 more at a time on top if required. […]


Another WHS 2011 Build List

WireValley has a users Windows Home Server build list, this one powering WHS 2011 by a AMD Athlon 2 and 8GB of memory in a Thermaltake V3 Black Edition case. Another users build list which you can find here.


Newtech SmartNAS powered by WHS 2011

SmartNAS is a desktop NAS product from Newtech for the small office running Windows Home Server 2011. Up to 6 hard drives can be installed within the SmartNAS which is powered by a Atom dual-core processor and 4GB of memory. Complete with 1Gb LAN interface, 2x USB 3.0 ports and 2x USB 2.0 ports. Also […]


Hard Drive Capacity to Increase 100 Fold

IBM have announced that after 5 years they have been able to reduce the number of atoms required to create a bit of data from about one million to 12. This breakthrough will allow hard drive manufactures to produce much bigger capacity hard drives 100 to 150TB compared with 1TB Today, hard drives use ferromagnetic […]