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Differences Between SBS 2011 Essentials and Standard Edition

As you are probably aware Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 Essentials is very similar to WHS 2011 in some respects but do you know the differences between SBS 2011 Essentials and the standard version of SBS 2011? If not then we have the following chart available for you which should give you some of […]


More Storage Spaces Testing – Mirroring and Stripe/JBOD

The PC Doc continues his testing of Storage Spaces in Windows 8 by comparing a two drive and three drive Mirror with a Stripe/JBOD …the mirror seems to be great way to go.  It performs pretty well, it is scalable, and of course it provides hardware resiliency (duplication). More details can be found on Mike’s […]


Replace Windows Home Server with Windows 8

  Paul Thurrott from the Supersite For Windows says replace Windows Home Server with Windows 8. Paul looks at the similarities between Windows 8 and Windows Home Server in various areas including data redundancy and a single pool of storage, PC backup and restore, server health monitoring, remote access and media sharing. While Windows Home […]


Video: Ultimate Windows Home Server Guide Part 2

Following on from part 1, NCIX Tech Tips have posted part 2 of their video "Ultimate Windows Home Server Guide". This 2nd part from the US/CA shopping site shows off the software features of WHS: “I’ve always loved Windows Home Server, and in this episode I show you guys why!”


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 176

This weeks edition of The Home Server Show podcast is available, and in this weeks edition: …Isn’t it nice to get a new server and start tinkering with it? John and Jim seem to do it often and we are talking about it.  We also have a little on Drobo, Synology, and John has a […]


Choose the Right Server for your Small Business

PCWorld has an article on how to choose the right server for your small business. The article explains how to choose the right server for your needs and look at the various options available to you. Included in those options is Windows Home Server 2011 as well as NAS, Tower Servers Rack Servers and Blade […]


File History – The New Previous Versions in Windows 8

You may remember Previous Versions a front end for the Volume Shadow Copy service in WHS 2011, a feature that allows you to recover an older version of a document or other data file. The forth coming Windows 8 introduces File History and Windows guru Paul Thurrott explains the details: [File History] attempts to right […]


Seagate Says Storage Capacity Could Soon Double

Thanks to hard drive manufacturer Seagate, storage capacity could soon double as it is the first hard drive producer to achieve a storage density of 1 terabyte per square inch. This means that current hard drives could double over the next decade, especially 3.5-inch drives with space of 60TB or more. More information is available […]


WHS 2011 Saves the Day – Again

Windows Home Server saved Richard Hay’s data after he encountered a blue screen: While performing a couple of different tasks on my main machine (burning music to a CD-ROM and streaming music from my WHS 2011) the machine blue screened and rebooted.  It never recovered and just kept up that BSOD and reboot loop.  The […]


The BYOB Podcast Episode 81

Episode 81 of the BYOB podcast is up with more discussion for the "Build Your Own Box" enthusiasts. “eVGA SRX motherboard, Zenbook, The new iPAD, the new Apple TV, SSD Caching with Highpoint’s new card, on Episode 81 of the BYOB Podcast.” You can find it here.