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Video Tutorials and More

The German Ms Homeserver Blog has some great HowTo’s available. Installing an Ad-In,  Livenode configuration and new user setup are some of the ones available. Two of which are also available as videos to view online. As stated since the site is in German here is a link to the HowTo’s page translated into English […]


Tips and Tricks from Rambling Tom

Tom from the “Ramblings of a Home Server Tester” blog has added a great Tips and Tricks section. Tips for the week for June 18th include Windows Home Server Troubleshooting Guides for Client Join, Connector Install, Admin Console and Remote Access. All guides can be downloaded as .doc documents. He also has details on removing […]


BOOK – Windows Home Server For Dummies

  John Wiley & Sons “For Dummies” series will have a new addition. From 26 December 2007 “Windows Home Server For Dummies” will be released. This 384 page paperback by author Woody Leonhard will get you rolling with everything you need to know to set up and configure Home Server on your home network, add […]


BOOK – Windows Home Server User’s Guide

 Windows Home Server User’s Guide by IT professional Andrew Edney Available from APress,US from 29 October 2007 this 400 page paperback is a practical and comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Microsoft’s Windows Home Server. Inside Windows Home Server User’s Guide, you’ll learn how to install, configure, and use Windows Home Server and understand […]


WebGuide for WHS – Streaming media from WHS

The first beta of WebGuide for Windows Home Server is available for download. Webguide allows full streaming of videos/DVD, music and pictures remotely to computers outside your house so you can view them when away from home. If you also have a Media Centre computer running WebGuide then TV guide and live TV features are […]


Whiist Website Management Add-In New version 0.6

Andrew Grant has updated his Whiist add-in for Windows Home Server. Whiist is a website management add-in that allows you to create and manage webpages and links from the WHS console, which can then be accessed from your server’s web interface (remote access home page). What’s New in version 0.6 New “Folder Picker” dialog WHS […]


We Got Served – How To…

Terry Walsh over at We Got Served has written up 2 great How To’s: How To… Add A USB Hard Drive to Windows Home Server, where he explains how to add an external USB hard disk and How To… Install a Battery Back Up Power Supply which documents adding a back up supply. Apart from allowing […]


RC1 Installation Video

The guys over on the German MS Homeserver Blog have put together a video of the installation progress of the new RC1 build. Lights, action, camera!!!


Enable Customer Feedback

A request from the Windows Home Server Team from the email sent out to beta testers We ask that you enable providing customer feedback information to Microsoft when you go through setup (or enable it later in Server Settings). We received VERY valuable data from Beta 2 and CTP via this mechanism and it is […]

0 Domains

You will be able to personalize the domain name you use to access your server remotely. By visiting Windows Live Custom Domains you can register a domain name that allows you to access your home server from a domain such as Microsoft says this service will be free and available for the RTM release […]