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How many hard drives are there in your Home Server?

Tom from Ramblings of a Home Server Tester has posted a server storage screen shot from one of his server PCs WOW over 6GB of storage space!!! Now can you do any better…I wonder?


Your input – We need more!!!

Apart from helping with topics that you’d like to see covered in Woody Leonhard forth coming Windows Home Server for Dummies book. Andrew Edney has been in contact also. His book Windows Home Server User’s Guide is due to be published in october 2007 and he as well, would welcome your comments for ideas on what to […]


Discovered WHS Server Page

On my Vista PC I was browsing my Network and Sharing Center – View full map and noticed the server tower icon (bottom, left). Once clicked on, it opens your web browser and displays the following image: I haven’t come across this page before (have you?) and post it here for you to see. The URL […]


UPDATE – WHS Client Connector Join Issues

  As discussed in the previous two news items here and here. Tom Ziegmann from the Windows Home Server Team has posted a resolution that may help those of you still having issues getting your PCs connected to the server via the connector/console software. The client connector uses a web service that resides on the […]


Your HELP is required for Dummies

      After my earlier post on Woody Leonhard new forth coming book Windows Home Server for Dummies. Woody has been in contact asking for your help. If you have topics that you’d like to see covered in the book make sure that you post them here and I shall make sure they are forwarded to […]


Microsoft Team asking for help – WHS Connector Join issues

As posted on the Microsoft Windows Home Server Forum.  If you are one of the people having issues getting your PCs connected to the server they would like to hear from you. As Micheal Elizarov says: “Our team is trying to create a comprehensive picture of the issues people have when running connector on their […]


PhotoSync Beta2 for WHS is Available!

Ed Holloway has posted on his blog that Beta2 of PhotoSync for Windows Home Server is available.The new version has several tweaks, bug fixes and numerous enhancements. PhotoSync monitors your WHS Photos folder or a sub folder within it and automatically uploads the contents to your Flickr account. You can select which photos you would […]


Add-In LobsterTunes for Windows Mobile Devices

Those of you with a Windows Mobile device will love this… Imagine an add-in that lets you play music, from your Windows Home Server to your windows mobile device via 3G (CDMA or UTMS) or WiFi locally or remotely… Well imagine no more LobsterTunes is here, and your WHS Music store can go with you […]


Windows Home Server Connectivity

I was looking at the Windows Home Server – Overview and Opportunity Powerpoint presentation from Microsoft’s WinHEC 2007 conference and thought that this slide was an excellent overview of the connectivity of WHS.


Downtime for Microsoft's WHS Forum

If you are a frequent visitor to the Microsoft Windows Home Server Forums please note that there may be some downtime Wednesday 20 June 2007 due to the forums being updated. 20 June 2007 UPDATE: As posted in the Microsoft WHS Forum, the forum upgrade has been re-scheduled for Thursday 21 June 2007.