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Avideus HSE Home Server

Retailer and system builder PCAlchemy who produce products for the digital home have just announced the Avideus HSE Home Server, their first product designed for Windows Home Server based on the Intel SS4200-EHW Server design.  While other companies may be building Windows Home Server products based on the Intel SS4200-EHW design, Avideus believes the HSE […]


Belinea Available for Order

It’s nice to see Belinea’s new white and orange Windows Home Server called the Belinea’s is now available to order. Using a AMD Sempron LE-1100 processor running at 1.6GHz, with 512MB DDR2 Ram and a 500GB hard drive all for €499. More info in German and English.


Tranquil T7-HSA Server Mini Review

Blogger Hamish has been using Linux with his Tranquil T7-HSA Server (naughty boy!). His mini review can be found here.


Norco DS-520G Network Storage Appliance Review

Back in October (2007) of last year we gave you details of the DS-520 Home Server NAS Appliance from Norco Technologies which is available as two separate models the DS-520F provides Dual 10/100 Ethernet and a 600MHz Processor whilst the DS-520G has Dual Gigabit Ethernet and a 1GHz Processor and in both instances the processor […]


Tranquil PC T2-WHS-A3 Harmony Home Server Review

PC Pro magazine reviews the Tranquil PC T2-WHS-A3 Harmony Home Server which gets an impressive 5 out of 6 stars and it receives a “PC Pro Recommended” award as well. Read the full review here.


Tranquil PC T7-HDX Provides addon Storage

The T7-HDX Home Server Extender, is a storage extension unit designed specifically for the T7-HSA from Traquil PC. The T7-HDX slides on to the T7-HSA’s chassis to form one integral unit, and can be configured at purchase with a range of storage options.  Along with the 2TB storage capability this makes for a very nice […]


Two New WHS Solutions from S1Digital

Company S1Digital’s new website has an interesting PDF file for download that introduces 2 new Windows Home Server solutions from the company. The first is a high end slim 1U rack mount unit aimed initially at the custom installation market, with a capacity of 4TB. Also available will be an add on unit that will […]


Home-Serv from Hi-Grade

We Got Served have details of a new range of Windows Home Server hardware, this time from Hi-Grade. The Home-Serv 1000 and 2000 are both powered by an Intel Celeron 1.8Ghz processor and come with either 512MB of memory and 2x250Gb HDD’s or 1024Mb of memory and 2x500Gb HDD’s. The Home-Serv 1000 is priced at […]


Home Server from Apple – Time Capsule

Macworld Expo is under way in San Francisco and CEO Steve Jobs has announced Apple’s new offering which will be available from this February (2008). Time Capsule will automatically back up every Mac in the home with its large server grade hard drive and a built in Airport Express base station using the wireless 802.11n […]


New Windows Home Server case from Owltech – Or is it?

The OWL-PCCHS is a new Windows Home Server case from Owltech which can take 4 hard drives and a Mini-ITX motherboard. But it looks exactly the same as the ES34069 chassis from Chenbro which we looked at here. Perhaps they are the manufacturer of the case?      More info and pics.