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Low Cost Nettop Suitable for WHS

Low-cost desktop computers or Nettop’s are becoming more popular and can be a good choice for a DIY Windows Home Server build.   The MSI Wind PC (MS-6496-06S) is one beauty featuring an Atom 1.6GHz processor on board and space for up to 2GB of RAM. Although it only has one HDD drive bay the […]


Rack Mounted WHS Hardware

From the Custom Electronic Trade Show – CEDIA EXPO 2008, in Denver, Colorado come details of 2 rack mounted Windows Home Server systems, with the first more than likely designed for the custom installation market. Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition, which allows you to store up to 16TB of data! And if that wasn’t […]


Give WHS a Home – The Shuttle X27

Available from mid-September will be Shuttle’s Atom powered X27 mini desktop. The small PC will start from $189 for just a barebones rig — no chip, memory or hard drive. Fully spec’d with an Atom, you’re looking at $500+ in the emerging Nettop category using Intel’s low power Atom processor and is an ideal home […]


Endeavour SV110h Windows Home Server for Japan

We Got Served has the scoop that Epson in Japan are releasing the Endeavour SV110h Windows Home Server. The space saving Endeavour measuring only 75 x 195 x 185mm and comes with the Japanese version of WHS with PP1. Available in 2 flavors, a basic and a performance model, both come with 512MB of RAM […]


Hi-Grade Home-serv 2000 Reviewed

Computer Shopper has tested the Hi-Grade Home-serv 2000 and have given it a dismal 2 out of 5 stars. Why just 2 stars? Size, too big as it is the same size as a standard midi-tower PC, noise. It’s noisy being one of the loudest computers Computer Shopper had tested and file transfers were very […]


RipNAS: dBpoweramp Ripper + NAS + Windows Home Server

illustrate the people behind the dBpoweramp software are making the transition from a software only company to one which offers software & hardware. Their first new product is RipNAS: dBpoweramp Ripper + NAS + Windows Home Server When tasked with building a ripping appliance, high design goals were set, resulting in: dBpoweramp CD Ripper: securest […]


Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo Home Server 1900 Reviews

For a list of reviews on the Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo Home Server 1900 head over to TestSeek who are showing four reviews from the likes of PC Pro, VNU and Trusted reviews.


Atom Powered Home Servers from Tranquil PC

The T7-HSAi and T2-WHS-A3i are the two new models in Tranquil PC’s Home Server lineup. Both are powered by the multi-thread, low energy 45nM 1.6GHz ATOM 230 CPU from Intel. Both models have the same ‘fan less’ design features of the previous units, providing near silent operation and enhanced reliability, with power consumption from only […]


Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 1900 Home Server Review

UK based Computer Active has reviewed the Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 1900 home server and have given it 4 out of 5. Although they call it bulky and quite ugly, they conclude that it is a well-balanced home server with great performance and features. Read the review here.


Intel D945GCLF Mini ITX Mainboard

Mini ITX motherboards are the ones that come with low energy CPU’s onboard from the likes the VIA. Intel joined the band wagon last year with the D201 mainboard comprising the SIS chipset, which came complete with a 1.2Ghz Celeron CPU. This year Intel introduced the Atom CPU with its HT technology, ultra low energy […]