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Add-In: My Movies for Windows Home Server 2.00 Pre Release 5

My Movies for Windows Media Center and it’s associated My Movies Collection Management service have both been updated to version 4. With My Movies you can manage your movie collection and browse and watch by genre and rating and with the WHS add-in you can automatically copy and index your movies or CDs onto Home […]


Add-In: Snoop-De-Dupe 1.00

A new add-in by the name of Snoop-de-dupe was released today for WHS v1 users. Snoop-de-dupe watches your server in real-time and notifies you when duplicate files appear on the server. You then have the option to either delete the duplicate, create a hard-link to save HDD space (available in WHS/SBS 2011 only), or to […]


Add-In: CloudBerry Backup for WHS 2.1.1

CloudBerry Labs have released a new version of their add-in CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server for v1 users. Versions for WHS2011 and SBS 2011 Essentials will follow next week. Here’s what’s new in version 2.1.1: Long paths support – backup path longer than 260 symbols Custom credentials for network locations Memory Management Improvements More […]


Add-In: Integrity Checker 1.2.0

A new version of the add-in Integrity Checker is available for WHS v1 and WHS2011. Integrity Checker is an invaluable tool for the server administrator; quietly, efficiently, and automatically watching for new data arriving on the server.  As data arrives, Integrity Checker generates, and attaches, a SHA1 integrity hash for each file which can later […]


Add-In: Grid Junction 1.6

The UPS management add-in Grid Junction has had an update. Version 1.6 includes the following changes: Improved existing communication protocols User interface enhancements Improved scripting support with GJ client Added additional UPS hardware support More details on Grid Junction are available from here.


Add-In: Remote Notification

The Advanced Alerting and Reporting add-in for Windows Home Server has had an update. Version of Remote Notification is a minor update comprised mostly of a small bug fix plus several new statistics added to the Daily Reports. Here is what’s new: Bug: Client Health errors in Daily Reports now correctly display Red instead […]


Add-In: WHSuTorrent Alpha

We now have a uTorrent add-in for WHS2011. WHSuTorrent is in alpha release stage, and there are still some unsolved issues (especially with the setup) that need to be solved. Do not attempt the install this release if you are unfamiliar with concepts such as WCF/IIS/Common Sense.   This add-in uses uTorrent’s WebUI for getting […]


Add-In: WakeOnLAN 1.0.0

AWIECO have just released the final version of their add-in WakeOnLAN for Windows Home Server 2011. The free add-in enables you to remotely turn on a computer, enables the Server to start up every computer attached to your network and you  can also power off a computer out of the Launchpad. More information is available […]


Add-In: WHS Phone for Android 1.3 Beta

Beta 1.3 of WHS Phone for Android is available for registered testers. Here’s a few of the highlights: Completely new UI Streamlined Photo browsing a little Cleaned up the Audio Playback a little Added Server Restart and Shutdown Added full search of shares (uses windows search) Added photo upload from the Gallery and/or SD card […]


Add-In: WHS Phone for Windows Phone 7 1.3 Beta

The add-in WHS Phone for Windows Phone 7 users has a new beta release. 1.3 Beta is now available for Windows Phone 7 users, and the creator Paul Juenger is after beta testers who have a developer unlocked phone who wish to participate. Si if you are interested, head on over here to personal message […]