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Add-In: Diskeeper 2011 HomeServer Build 954

Diskeeper 2011 HomeServer has had an update. Build 954 includes the following changes: Fixes: Fixed an incorrect warning in the Performance Report. If a volume is smaller than 2GB (e.g. a recovery partition), on which IntelliWrite may not be enabled, this is not flagged in the Performance Report as not optimal configuration. New Features: Added […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Beta

The M2 (Milestone 2)  beta build of StableBit DrivePool is now available. The developers state that M2 is mostly a plumbing build and features a lot of new stuff under the hood but not much changes in the UI department. Nevertheless, there are many interesting things to talk about: Long path names Windows path names […]


Add-In: Drive Bender Beta

Beta 3 of Drive Bender, the Drive Extender replacement, has just been released. This release includes full server folder support including client backups. Here’s the full change list for version Much improved file read performance. Windows based network shared (i.e. shares creating on folders contained within a drive letter mount point) as now restored […]


Add-In: Snoop-de-dupe 1.20

Snoop-de-dupe the add-in which scans your Home server for duplicate files has had an update. Version 1.20 includes the following additions: Added support for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Added CPU usage throttling Added hard disk write access limiting Added worker thread prioritizing Added support for hard-links (WHS/SBS 2011 only) […]


Add-In: Integrity Checker 1.22

There is an update to the add-in Integrity Checker which automatically generates hash-stamps to guarantee the integrity of your data. Version 1.22 includes the following: Added CPU usage throttling Added hard disk write access limiting Added worker thread prioritizing Installer now signed with class-3 Authenticode certificate Small optimizations and bug fixes A trial version with […]


Add-In: WHS Phone for Android 1.3

WHS Phone for Android has just been updated to version 1.3 This latest version has been completely rewritten so there is no more "swiping" of the home screens, instead there are buttons and tabs. The developer has also stated that this rewrite has led to vast performance improvements.   Highlights include: Completely new UI with […]


StableBit DrivePool BETA Build 1588 M2

Announced back in February StableBit DrivePool for Windows Home Server 2011 is now in open beta. StableBit DrivePool is an add-in replacement for Drive Extender, which as we know was removed in WHS 2011, and provides the following features: Combine all your hard drives into one big storage pool (except the system drive with the […]


Windows Phone Add-in for WHS 2011

Windows guru Paul Thurrott has announced on Twitter that Microsoft announced to him that a Windows Phone integration add-in for WHS 2011, SBS 2011 Essentials and Storage Server 2011 Essentials would be available in 3-4 weeks time. Great news for Windows Phone users! Just shortly after, Paul also tweeted that Windows Home Server hardware would […]


Add-In: Family Diary 1.0.2

Family Diary is a suit of applications to allow you to set up a database of appointments and contacts for family and friends. Currently the suit consists of the Windows Service, a Windows client application, an Outlook Add-in, a Windows Phone 7 application and a Windows Home Server Add-in. All the applications in the Family […]


Add-In: Transfer-Manager 0.5.410 Beta

Transfer-Manager is an add-in for WHS2011 which enables you to make your Home Server the central transfer station for all your up and download needs. The add-in is currently in beta and a new build is released every Sunday with new bug fixes and new functions. Build 0.5.410 from the 8th May adds the following […]