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Add-In: Drive Bender

Beta 4 (v1.1.5.0) a major update to Drive Bender has just been posted. This last major beta version of Drive Bender includes the following changes: Update: A new version of the WHS 2011 addin. Bug fix: WHS client backup could sometimes fail, this has been fixed. Bug fix: Drive balancing no longer balances Drive Bender […]


Add-In: StableBit Scanner

The advanced hard disk surface scanner and monitor add-in StableBit Scanner has had an update. Now at version, it includes the following changes: Manual config switch to turn off WMI SMART permanently. If WMI locks up retrieving SMART, do now spawn addional threads. Added ability to create user dump files from the new Support […]


Add-In: My Movies for WHS 2011 2.00 Pre Release 9

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 has had an update. Version 2.00 Pre Release 9 (released June 15th 2011) includes the following changes: Fix: Issue with license user, where the license wasn’t available for the services. Fix: Notification addition is now running in own thread. Fix: Monitoring now only runs when language and country […]


Add-In: My Movies for WHS 2.00 Pre Release 3

My Movies for Windows Home Server (v1) has an update. Version 2.00 Pre Release 3 (released June 15th 2011) includes the following changes: Fix: DataLanguage was missing in Settings Fix: Monitoring now doesn’t run without a datalanguage. Fix: Removed Firewall settings button to make room for language configuration. The download for this media management add-in […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 1856

Build 1856 of StableBit DrivePool is available for download. This latest release has the following changes: Free space in the drives list is now updated periodically. Sometimes a task wizard would report success before the task finished. More details on this Drive Extender replacement add-in are available from here.


StableBit DrivePool Build 1838

Build 1838 of StableBit DrivePool is available and includes the following changes: Increased logging disk free space limit to 200MB. Increased daily log file size limit to 50MB. ETW logs were being reset when entering the about window. More details on StableBit DrivePoo can be found here.


Lights-out updated to 1.5.1 for WHS v1

Lights-out has been updated to 1.5.1 for WHS v1 and some minor updates to WHS 2011. WHS v1 Changes since 1.0.4: Added client actions for shutdown, standby and reboot Added share monitor Added console session monitor Added display of active monitors Added day slider to uptime chart Added display of scheduled backup times to computer […]


DrivePool 1836 Published

More M2 fixes as they are being reported. Build 1836 includes the following changes: You shouldn’t be able to perform repair tasks on disks that are not in the pool. After trying multiple notification techniques (WMI, Powershell, Direct WHS), scrapped existing notification system and rewrote it from scratch.   All notification are now in real-time […]


AWIECO DriveInfo v1.0.3

The latest update to DriveInfo has been released, see below for changes: Version 1.0.3: Fixed: Detecting new disks, drives, folders Fixed: List server backup drives More info here.


PerfectDisk 12 Released!

PerfectDisk 12 was released yesterday, for both WHS v1 and 2011. Raxco say it will reduce backup times, maximize streaming performance and completely consolidate free space, some of the other new features are below: What’s new! Fragmentation Prevention with OptiWrite™ Intelligent SSD Optimization StealthPatrol™ Auto-Optimization Advanced Boot Time Defrag New Dynamic Zone Engine You can […]