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Windows Eventlog Client/Server Application to monitor your server

for those of you who are Windows Home Server developers schrankmonster has an article on an Eventlog Client/Server application which enables you to monitor your Home Server via its logs and sits in your system tray. So if you are technically inclined the source code is available for you to use.


Add-In – Windows Home Server Download Manager

There are many download managers for Windows XP and Vista. FlashGet, GetRight, Go!Zilla, ReGet, the list goes on. Coming soon to our Server’s is add-in Windows Home Server Download Manager. Now you will be able to download files even when your PCs are turned off. This information came courtesy of the forums at the German […]


Whiist Add-in Video

Whiist Andrew Grant developer of add-in Whiist has uploaded a how-to video on using the latest version Whiist 0.76.


Add-In AutoExit 2008 RC Available

Add-in AutoExit 2008 has been updated to Release Candidate status. The add-in enables you to manage your home computers via the Windows Home Server console.Shut down/reboot clients, boot them up via Wake On Lan remotely and even send messages and all actions can be saved to a log. More information on AutoExit 2008.


Home Automation add-in Updated

Thanks to the German Homeserver Blog the Home Automation add-in ipsHomecontrol has been updated. Version 0.12 has added support for more automation products and older versions of pocket PC’s. More information is available at their site and a PDF install guide is also available. Please note: The add-in, site and documentation is only available in the […]


Xbox Community Feeds Add-In

Terry from We Got Served has information on a new add-in called Xbox Community Feeds which allows you to stream podcasts, blogcasts and RSS feeds to your Xbox 360 video game console from your Windows Home Server.   So if you are an Xbox user, more information and the download is available now.


Pre-Release of the next version of Whiist

Andrew Grant has released a pre-release version of Whiist. Whiist is a an Add-In that allows you to create and manage websites on your server. Once installed Whiist adds a new ”Website Management” option to your WHS Console where you can create new websites and links for your family in a few simple steps. Andrew states […]


Add-In – SageTV 6.26 RC – Stream Digital Media from WHS

Digital entertainment software for your Windows Home Server – enjoy TV/PVR, Online Video, Music and Photos on any TV, PC or Mac screen at home or away from home with SageTV Placeshifter.   SageTV Media Server software available for Windows Home Server Platform offering digital entertainment at home and away from home. SageTV is designed […]


DHCP for Windows Home Server Aka DHCP4WHS

DHCP4WHS is a DHCP server add-in for the WHS console. A DHCP server in included in Windows Server and also in your router but if you would like more control over the settings then that’s when DHCP4WHS comes to the rescue. Providing a simple front end that enables you to manage existing DHCP leases and create new […]


Add-in AutoExit 2008 for Windows Home Server

Terry from We Got Served has published information about a new add-in which allows you to shut down and reboot machines in your home network from within the WHS console. The add-in AutoExit 2008 allows you to execute these actions per machine or for all machines. You can also send messages to the different machines, configuring […]