Drive Pooling Returns to Windows Server 8

After showing the desktop version of Windows 8 at BUILD, on Wednesday Microsoft demonstrated the companion server version of its operating system.

With a moto of "It just works", Windows Server 8 it seems will have disk pooling in the product, a feature which was originally in version 1 of Windows Home Server.


Aptly named "Storage Spaces", websites Virtualization Review, PC World and MediaSmartServer.net have more information on a feature which we thought was long gone.

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  1. davepermen says:

    if they provide duplication, too, then I’m interested. But as they all say “there’s much more to come”, so lets wait and see.

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah they probably contacted Alex at Stablebit or Anthony at DriveBender for a bit of advice on how to make it work!!

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