Lights-out updated to 1.5.1 for WHS v1

Lights-out has been updated to 1.5.1 for WHS v1 and some minor updates to WHS 2011.

WHS v1

Changes since 1.0.4:
  • Added client actions for shutdown, standby and reboot
  • Added share monitor
  • Added console session monitor
  • Added display of active monitors
  • Added day slider to uptime chart
  • Added display of scheduled backup times to computer tab
  • Added timer support for scheduled client wake-up
  • Fixed distorted status page when DPI setting of display has been changed to a nonstandard value or when big fonts have been used
  • Fixed missing timer reset when standard action or wait time has been changed
  • Fixed bug in handling start/stop service names
  • Changed background and font colours to allow high contrast themes

WHS 2011

Current Version 1.5.1 Build 1555

  • Fixed a problem in file monitoring
  • Fixed a problem in Backup/System monitoring
  • Fixed a wrong backup time calculation
  • Fixed a problem with missing updates on the Monitored Sources panel
  • Added a message when user access to web site is denied

You can find out more info on Lights-out from here.

Release notes for WHS v1


Release notes for WHS 2011


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  1. Rui Belo says:

    Appreciate all the information (pictures and all) for ‘Lights-Out 1.5.1 for WHS v1’ but what is the point if there is no link or clue as to where to go to download this WHS Add-in. I’m sorry to sound sour but anytime I come across a page that provides detailed info on what appears to be a downloadable product but leaves out any clue as whether it is available for download and where to get it, it just bugs the heck out of me. Maybe I’m just blind or stupid but finding a download link or even a hint of such should not be that difficult.

  2. Apologies Rui, the link is now included above for more destails on Lights-out.

  3. Chris says:


    I have attempted to click on the links provided on the site but they are working. After clicking the page can not be displayed. I seem to be having the same issues as posted by Rui Belo above.

  4. Stefdv says:

    I have Lights-out v 1.5 installed on WHS2011. The client install doesn’t seem to work. I get the screen where it states that it will install on all clients, but it never finishes. Is there an other option to install the client part?

    I’ve been using Lights-out on WHS v1 and was verry happy with it, now i want the same on my WHS2011. Don’t mind buying a new license but it needs to work then.

  5. Gary Johnson says:


    Here’s the download link.

  6. Stefdv says:

    Got the clients to install, but only after removing lightsout and reinstall and then choose the option to install the clients right away.

  7. Sgt Schultz says:

    I have the same installation issue on a new install of Win 7.
    Why should you need to uninstall lights out and reinstall everytime to add lightsout to each client as they come online ?????

  8. Mick says:

    Are you talking bout the “driver” (not the add-in)?
    I was able to download the driver and it only stopped the blinking of the health light. In order to work with the HD lights you had to go through a rather extensive set of isntruction to determine the chipset (name & version) you had in your box. I have enough problems as it is with the connector, the 97 zillion “ways” to fix it and the connection toolkit that insists my server can not be found (aklthough I can ping the living daylights outta if , by IP or servername.
    Call me crazy but WHS-2011 seems to have been built by committe and all of them spoke a different language. Truly makes NOVELL look futuristic. Og and I USED to be an MS fanatic. What a cluster. Back to the lights the gentleman who released the light dirver mentioned he was about to release a full tilt add-in , that would give you al the cool stuff that WHS 1.1 gave you , like internal temp and fan revs.

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