Matt’s Mailbag 19th October 2010


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Arthur Asks:

Is there an app which allows me to stream music from my WHS to my android phone?

Currently there is no app current or planned available to view any WHS resources via the Google Android platform. Although if anyone does learn of such an app or maybe you are developing an app, please let me know, we can then review and post about it on the site.

Matt Asks:

I’m new to WHS, but I am really interested as I want more than just a NAS for my home.

1. Can files be shared with WHS as it is with a business network?

2. Can all kinds of files be shared, not just media, such as Excel?

Matt, Windows Home Server has no restrictions on what content or media type such as Excel or Word you share around your home network. What you share on a business network could also be shared over a home network via Windows Home Server. I have seen many instances of Windows Home Server being used in both domestic and business premises.

Matthew Asks:

Can I use WHS with computers running different operating systems at the same time? I have read there’re compatible OS’s, but I wanted to make sure all could exist on a WHS driven network at the same time.

Windows Home Server resources can be used by a number OS’s on a single network; however only Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Apple OSx (with some fiddling around and only via time machine) can be backed up. Windows Home Server Vail has the native ability to backup Apple OSx straight out of the box, although there is no plan currently to extend this support to other OS’s.

Teckset Asks:

I have a HP Media Smart Server EX485 and a homebuilt OEM WHS. I’ve heard briefly of some people connecting two WHS machines (with different names) together so they backup each other up.

Is that really possible and are there any guidelines or advice you might have?

I haven’t attempted it yet, but I would think I would only need to backup the OS partition for each WHS. Added the Driver Extender partition would cause problems, I presume?

I am aware this is possible but personally I haven’t tried to set this up, I would approach very carefully if you were to set something like this up. Yes it could cause problems with the drive extender and yes I would only backup the system drive if attempted, for me the pro’s just don’t out way the cons’s.

Have a question or problem?
I can’t guarantee an answer, but I’ll try. Click ask a question above!

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Matthew Glover

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  1. Try out AudioGalaxy 2.0 … seems to have an Android client too. Initial impression on iPhone is “whoo cool”…

  2. Frank Hagan says:

    The Android app Andromote, available in the Android marketplace in a free and a paid version, will stream music from WHS. It searches for any UPnP server on your wifi network.

  3. Laurion says:

    I’m able to get music/photos on my DroidX using the DLNA client to connect to my WHS over Wi-Fi. I’ve only used it a few times though.

  4. GuustFlater says:

    I am running Subsonic on my WHS. From there, you can stream to PC’s in a web browser, works really nice, but more important: to your Android phone. I have an HTC Desire, and Subsonic works brilliant.

    “Only minor” point: it’s not for free. Running subsonic on the server itself is. For using the app on the Android phone, you need to buy a license by donating after 30 days. Minimum amount is 10 euro. But it’s really worth it. Try it out:


    BTW: there is also an app for the iPhone.

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