Microsoft Security Essentials coming to WHS


News from Redmond, Washington today is that MSE will be available for small businesses, this is the surest sign yet that it will be available for both “Aurora” and “Vail” upon release. Microsoft have initially said that they will be allowing businesses to use the software on up to 10 PC’s, but no upgrade ability or fee’s mentioned for those using more than 10 PC’s.

I think Microsoft have made a bold move here, they are quickly trying to make a mark on cash strapped businesses in heavy economic down turn. This should allow Microsoft to eventually profit long term.

You can see the press release here.

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Matthew Glover

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  1. Logan B says:

    I set up a WHS recently and was shocked that I couldn’t install MSE. I did some research [ http://variableghz.com/2010/09/windows-home-server-is-incredibly-awkward/ ] and concluded that I wasn’t the only one. E-mailed Microsoft and couldn’t get an answer other than “check the website for updates.” Why would they exclude their own OS?

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