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Gilberto J Perera over at gilsmethod.com has a brilliant post on purchasing the right Windows Home Server for you. He goes through all the essentials such as storage, RAM and processor. He then goes on to look at the offerings from the big OEM suppliers such as Acer and HP.


Check it out here.

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Matthew Glover

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  1. Matthew,

    Thanks for the mention. I’m glad you found the purchasing guide useful. Stay tuned, I will continue this series with builiding your own WHS and eventually how to setup, manage, and extend the WHS. Again, thanks for the mention, great blog!

  2. Florisz says:

    Great overview.
    In my search for a WHS(2 years ago) my most important USP were:
    – Noice(fanless)
    – Idle power consumption
    I then found Tranquil and bought a T2 series.
    With 2 build in 1Tb disks and 2GB Ram it uses only 44Watts and is absolutely silent.
    The disadvantage is that it can only hold 2 build in disks.
    It does have an eSata port for expantion or backup.
    Expanding the internal Sata ports with a PCI adapter is useless, because the motherboard has only (slow)PCI slots and no PCIexpress.

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