21 Style release Home office Storage Server – HOSS

Italian company “21 style” have brought their WHS offering to the table in the style of a short, sweet and compact Home office Storage Server. The “HOSS Mini Servers fill the space normally reserved for 3 books”

There will be 3 different varieties see below:

The mini server HOSS comes in three different models:

HOSS H4100i and H4100a: with Intel i3 or AMD Athlon X2 and up to 4 drives 3.5”.The best solution for home and office, with power for decoding, in real time, Full HD movies and streaming them through DLNA protocol. But also great to handle business services and act as hosts for virtual machines.

HOSS P4100: Intel Atom dual core and up to 4 drives 3.5”. The perfect solution for home or office, mainly for those who need only storage functions.

HOSS P6100: Intel Atom dual core and 2 drives 3.5” and 4 drivers 2.5” Hot Swap. For those who need maximum security in data redundancy, thanks to removable hard disks and the ability to bring backups home”

Check out the press release here.

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Matthew Glover

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