F-Secure withdraw Home Server Security 2009 Suite


F-secure have decided to withdraw their 2009 Security Suite for Windows Home Server.

Although they have not given any reason for the withdrawal, they have issued this statement:

End of Sales and End of Life Announcement for F-Secure Home Server Security 2009

Dear Customer,

F-Secure announces the End of Sales for F-Secure Home Server Security 2009. The End of Sales date for the product is March 15th 2010. After this date, the product will no longer be available for purchase or renewal from our partners or from our web sites.

This also means that F-Secure will no longer provide solutions for Windows Home Server operating system.

We will continue to support our existing licensed customers.

F-Secure also announces the End of Life date for F-Secure Home Server Security 2009. The End of Life date for the product is March 15th, 2011. After this date, F-Secure will no longer provide support for the product.

Best Regards,
F-Secure Corporation

I am not sure what to make of this so I am hoping to get some further clarification early next week, it seems a strange decision and I can only presume they experienced a lack of take up of the product.

Written by
Matthew Glover

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  1. Andy says:

    I had this on my WHS and was disappointed that the product was no longer availabe to upgrade, as I found it worked very well. They do not do a WHS version for 2010 either. I have now swapped over to the Microsoft essentials beta until I can find something better.

  2. sub_serverant says:

    If you don’t web surf(which you should never do) or use applications on your server, and I scan files before I place them on the server, do you really need virus protection? I dont think so, I dont use it.

  3. James Wire says:

    I too found the product to be rather disappointing. How is microsoft security essentials working?

  4. Hans says:

    On my Homeserver a notification showed that the prescription was due to be renewed. Then I ran into the same message as above.
    What I miss though is a tip for an alternative.
    Does anyone have good experiences with another security pack for the Homeserver?

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