Rosewill 8 Bay External Drive Enclosure

Media Center specialist Pete Stagman has a review of the Rosewill RSV-S8 external drive enclosure.

Roswill RSV-S8 

The 8 bay SATA enclosure comes complete with a PCIe eSATA controller card ready to fit into your home built home server providing ample expansion capabilities for your Windows Home Server.

Pete has more details here.

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  1. eldino says:

    Impressive! I’d love to get one but it’s too much $$$ 🙁

  2. Orlando says:

    Yeah, some $$$ is required.
    I bought a similar one from newegg vendor…. Sans Digital 4 trays for around $110 on Black Friday.
    Haven’t used it yet but I will in 6 months from now on…waiting for 2TB drives prices to drop.

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