ClamAV Antivirus Add-In?

A few months back I was tinkering with creating Windows Home Server Add-Ins in Visual Studio.  I started work on an Anti-Virus Add-In based around ClamAV, the open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit.  I’m considering continuing the project and I’m interested to know how much interest there would be in such an Add-In.  If you would use such an Add-In then please leave a comment below.

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi Al,

    That sounds like a great idea – what kind of functionality are you planning for your Add-In?


  2. fate says:


    I would definitely be interested in such an add-in!

  3. Al, I have taken the liberty of putting up a post on We Got Served asking for anyone there who is interested to head here and add themselves to the list. I would also like to see this happen.

  4. Phil says:

    I too would like to see such an add in

  5. Thomas says:

    Of course there will be very much interessts.

    I think its the first open source and that definitily will be cool.

    Especially with special features like: Scanning clients before a backup automatically at night.

  6. val says:

    would be interested in trying add-in out. im looking at AV app to use and have not decided which to use. maybe clamav would be a good app to try out.

  7. Paul says:

    I would definitely use such an add-in – great idea!

  8. Christophe says:

    Just starting with HP EX490, this will definetely be a very important point …

  9. Thomas says:

    Big interest here for such addin!!

  10. Bob Crook says:

    More importantly for non-profit environments where WHSes are used for computer lab environments this would be a boon. FYI – Anyone using Symantec Endpoint Protection software you should install an unmanaged client with just AV chosen.

  11. Ed Reames says:

    We would use such an add-in as a back up for the Security Essentials running on the machines being backed up.

  12. Jeff Beckitt says:

    Yes, I think there would be a lot of interest in an open source AV solution to compete with other COTS options…

  13. Matthew says:

    would be nice.

  14. Sean says:

    Most certainly! I think the community can benefit from the open source aspect of this – especially running as a service on WHS.

  15. lordzurp says:

    Hi !
    I’m very interesting by a WHS version of clamAV !
    currently running clamAV on whs with RDC to scan new stuff on my server

    Ti nicO

  16. Raul says:

    Hell yeah, there is no free antivirus for WHS right now, it would be a great thing for the community

  17. dvn says:

    +1 to all the above. Do it!

  18. BWentler says:

    I currently has installed and using WinClam 0.95.3 but the problem with it is you need to use the console (either remote or local) to update & run scans. I would love to use ClamAV via plug-in to do all my updates and schedule scans!!!!

    Another thing would be a TSR/Realtime scanner for ClamAV!!!!

  19. dave says:

    I’ve used it for a few years now and I have never had a problem with it.

  20. Pzych0 says:

    I’m very interesting by a WHS version of clamAV

  21. kevin says:

    +1 for me to – great to see a WHS version of clamAV – Specially if it designed to run on your WHS box without hindering performance and WHS integrity.

  22. Jeb says:

    Wow – great idea! I’ve had good success with ClamAV and would love to run it on my WHS.

  23. Ian says:

    I have been using and advocating Clamwin on WHS for some time. I’ve used ofr about 2 years without a glitch.

    So – yes an addin would make life a little easier.

  24. Rob a says:

    Yeah, sounds good. And would be great to see the source & contribute too!

  25. Sheldon Rosenberg says:

    I have been using clamav on my ubuntu server and another Unix SA from a previous job used it on our solaris server. I have been looking for a free solution at the moment since I am unemployed and am a security nut. I would definitely be interested. Please do and thank you if you do.

  26. Martin says:

    Yes, i already thought about testing ClamAV several times but didn’t make it for different reasons. An add-in version would be very interesting!!

  27. Ben D says:

    I’d use it if it’s done

  28. Craig says:

    I would definitely be interested in a Clam AV add in. Thanks for taking the time to do something like this.

  29. Jim Collison says:

    You kidding? Great idea!

  30. Zack says:

    I need this..

  31. Luke T says:

    Would also be interested in the plugin, good luck

  32. DJR says:

    Very interested. Thanks for asking. Please let me know when it is ready!

  33. Just remember to exclude c:\fs\*\de\, d:\de\ and D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4}

  34. montgom says:


  35. Ka Lam says:

    This would be very interesting to have.

  36. M Sun says:

    That would be awesome actually. Would definitely install if one was made.

  37. Z Lah says:

    I would like to have that add-in if you make it.
    1. It should have in one of its tabs the current version of the software install on the machine.
    2. Run the virus scan (remotly – I do not schedule)
    With the log of progress and findings.

  38. Carl Brown says:

    I have tried the McAfee version and am totally disgusted with its operation (or lack thereof). I wiould support you in this endeavor .

  39. Dave A. says:

    With the installation of hmailserver which uses ClamAV antivirus I think it would be a big plus as I have installed but have to use either the Admin addin or drop to the desktop on WHS.

  40. Fredrik says:

    Sounds interesting…I would be interested!! Looking forward to a great AV-add-in…

  41. Brant chen says:

    Yes, it is what I need. While it is done, I won’t need to log-in my WHS by remote control to check the ClamAV status any more.

  42. Orlando says:

    This would be a great add-in to have.
    Currently I am running Avast trial on my WHS which is going to expire next month and I am planning on purchasing it even though you posted a link in the past couple of weeks about false positives…..

    I didn’t experience the issue though… I don’t run backups on my systems though. I use WHS as a repository.

  43. Hans says:

    That would be a great thing to have. I’v got Clamwin installed on my WHS server but sure could use an add-in to control it.

  44. Caddyl says:

    That would definitely be a great add-in for the home server!

  45. Troy says:

    Count me in!

  46. Jim says:

    Agree with all above. Is an excellent option. If a time table for runtime is included (suggestion), would be a ‘must have’ add-in. Thanks for providing!

  47. Scooter says:

    Yes, Yes… YES

    This would be a GREAT addin

  48. Mattias says:

    A great idea!

  49. TK says:

    For sure. I’m going commando right now and it’s a bit, um, breezy. Would love an add-in friendly ClamAV to snug things up a bit.

  50. thekaz says:

    I vote YES on a Clam Addin :o)

  51. steve says:

    ClamAV is always a good option. I assume it would only be an on-demand scanner like the ClamAV normally is?

  52. Mathew says:

    I vote YES !!!

  53. nigel Jones says:

    Is here the right place to discuss?

    You mentioned it scans

    I’m new to WHS but have been very careful with a few scripts I have (specifically for ssh/rsync based backup using SFU) to only use the UNC paths, ie /net/myserver/share or \\myserver\share, since drive extender manages the sym link etc underneath the covers.

    Is it safe to access d:\shares directly. I feel very uncomfortable about that, but perhaps I shouldn’t be?

  54. nigel Jones says:

    Thanks. I started the scan on “sys” (which seems to include c:\fs\xxx) on my EX490 with 1+1.5Tb, of which 26% is used.

    The scan has been running around 18 hours — it is making progress, but very slow. Of course that’s clamwin, not the plugin.

  55. nigel Jones says:

    Turns out that my clamscanlog.txt has had no additions since 18:07 yesterday. It’s now 12:09 and clamwin is still running (checked with task manager via RDP) and taking 100% cpu

    Have now killed it, although neither of the status/buttons on the clamav plugin are claiming either the updater or scanner is idle

    Ran mem test ok, now trying a scan of DATA. (I don’t know WHS well, but with 2 drives what’s the relationship of C:\fs\xxxx (reparse point) to d:\ ?

  56. nigel Jones says:

    Having read the original article & screenshots, I think “scan system” should exclude c:\fs ?

  57. LoneWolf says:

    You are the MAN. Thank you for taking the time to make this very useful add-in for Windows Home Users. I get to use an Open-Source product I like (ClamWin) and in an easy manner, thanks to you.

    I appreciate your work, as I’m sure everyone else here does.

  58. Bob says:

    Would be very interested in a free open source option, just starting out with WHS so would like to get it protected without too much further outlay.



  59. kurt says:

    Hi Al,

    that is the Add-In I am looking for.
    Great Idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope your are able to realize the next version with virus removal soon.

    Best regards from Germany


  60. Travis says:

    Great IDEA!!! I would totally use it!

  61. Louis BERUT says:

    Hi Al,

    This is what i was looking for since a long time.
    Keep up the good work.

    Best regard from France.


  62. Jonathon Racine says:

    I think this would be awsome as I cant seem to find any great free options. Thank you for your time spent on this project.

    Thanks again!

  63. Mike Matthews says:

    Excellent from what I have seen so far, keep up the great work …


  64. amazingly superb product… keep up the good work. I was about to buy McAfee for WHS that is shipped with EX495… now I’ll donate the same for this project… I encourage others to do the same… support good projects

  65. luke newmann says:

    installing clam now, hope it works, will help me sleep better at night! Looking forward to your next release!

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