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HP StorageWorks x510 Data Vault Review

It has only been a few weeks since HP upgraded its MediaSmart home server range; we reviewed the excellent top of the range MediaSmart EX495, and found it to be a very capable and impressive little server. So what have HP got in store for us with the new StorageWorks x510 Data Vault range?


VIA NSD-7800 Review

VIA is pretty well known for its chipsets, processors and boards, but less so for complete systems. So I find myself here with the NSD-7800 server, which is a complete system from VIA, well not really a complete system as it ships without hard disks or operating system, so that makes it a bare bones […]


HP MediaSmart Server EX495 Review

HP is set to replace their current MediaSmart EX485 and EX487 servers with the addition of two new models, the EX490 and EX495. So what can we expect from these two servers? What’s new HP MediaSmart EX range has always stood apart from the Windows Home Server crowd because of the extra software that is […]


Shuttle K45 Review

If you have ever had a desire to build your own PC from scratch, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the choice of motherboard; for a beginner there is a bewildering array of sizes, chipsets and manufacturers. Where should you start?


Icy Dock MB-454SPF Review

So you have built your own Windows Home Server, all is well. But you look with jealousy at how easy it is for HP MediaSmart or Tranquil PC SHA-5H owners to chop and change hard disks using their built-in hard disk caddies. Well covet no more, as Icy Dock has a multi-bay backplane module that […]