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Panda Managed Office Protection Review

I have never been able to say with any conviction that panda software is of any use, to anybody, and unfortunately this new software has not changed my mind. First of all Panda has it branded as business software, but just quickly mentions it works on windows home server. Second, there are very little settings […]


Diskeeper 2010 Home Server Edition Review

This new edition from Diskeeper looks pretty good, I have to be honest I have never been a big fan of Diskeeper, I have always felt O&O Defrag has always had something more to offer. The initial install is very standard apart from the fact you have to install the initial software from the WHS […]


Running WHS on Server 2008 Hyper-V Part 2

I have looked at everyone’s comments from part 1 and have to say I agree with them, so I want to clarify what it is I am trying to convey. Hyper-v isn’t going to be for everyone, I except that, and I also except that hyper-v is not going to be for the average user […]


Running WHS on Server 2008 Hyper-V Part 1

Ok I have been running my WHS on Server 2008 Hyper-V for around 12 months now and before that I ran it in Virtual Server 2007. First let me tell you a bit about the hardware I am running it on, I use a HP Proliant ML110 with a Xeon 3065 2.33Ghz, 8Gb RAM, 1 […]


ASoft AutoExit 2008 R2 Review

I have been looking for an add-in recently that could handle WOL (wake on LAN) for me directly from my WHS, my main aim was to be able to login to my WHS via my login page ( and login to my WHS console and wake the relevant machine up, thus allowing me save energy […]


Download Manager v3.0 Review

I sit at work (browsing when I should be working) quite often, sometimes thinking I could just do with downloading that software for later, and in order for me to do this I have to log onto my WHS website, then wake one of my machines up using “Asofts AutoExit 2008 R2” and then I […]


Windows Home Server and Norton Backup Products

Ok then guys just heads up been reading a post here that Symantec backup products such as Ghost seems to cause major headaches because of the services it installs on the server called “Volume Snapshot Service”. Now all I know is that it stops WHS having the ability to backup up, the post doesn’t mention […]


Turning your Windows Home Server in to a Domain Server

I have just seen a really interesting post over at that explains how to turn your Windows Home Server into a Domain Controller. This looks really good but there are a lot of unknowns with this such as how roaming profiles will work with this whether they will even work at all and will […]


Add-In Review: LightsOut 0.8.2

This Add-In is used to put a Windows Home Server into suspended mode, or hibernation and resume on user defined events. Description To go to sleep, you can choose from several methods: · On demand, when no more clients are active · Based on a calendar, as a single action or repeated each weekday · […]


Microsoft Security Essentials – Beta

I have been hearing a lot of good things about Microsoft’s new security suite for a while now and have been waiting to get my hands on it for some time. First thoughts were that I would have to keep an open mind and not let Windows One Care cloud my judgment; I can honestly […]