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iCloud Photo Stream with WHS 2011

This is just a quick post to say that iCloud works fine on Windows Home Server 2011. Thought Apple don’t list Windows Server 2008 R2 or WHS 2011 as a compatible product I’ve installed iCloud without any issues on my Windows Home Server and it’s been happily downloading photos sent by an iPhone 4 over […]


SSD System Drive on WHS 2011

For a good year and half now my EX490 has served me well as the only server in my household.  It takes care of all essentials activities such as media sharing and backup.  It’s the hub of my digital archives, the brain in the distributed backup solution and with VMware it’s my own little cloud.  […]


Eye-Fi Connectx2 Review

  If I had to choose what were the most important files on my Home Server then I would instantly say it’s our photos.  Gone are the days of film and processing but part of the process of backing up is getting these files onto our servers.  In the past I’ve manually connected the camera […]


Turning your HP MSS EX49x into a Virtual Server – Part 2

Introduction This article will cover installing VMWare Virtual Server 2.0 on Windows Home Server and setting up guest operating systems.  Part 1 covered the steps in upgrading the hardware in an HP MediaSmart Server EX490 to deal with virtualization. You will need a copy of VMWare Server 2.0.2, a License Key (given for free after […]


Turning your HP MSS EX49x into a Virtual Server – Part 1

Introduction This article is based around upgrading the hardware in an HP MediaSmart Server EX490.  Later articles will cover installing VMWare Virtual Server 2.0 and guest operating systems. Say What? There are a lot of articles and posts on the internet showing you how to run Windows Home Server in a virtual environment.  I did […]


Setting up WHS with Alternative Disk Drivers

If you are building your own home server you might have a hard disk controller that isn’t supported by Windows Home Server.  It could be a RAID device that you will use in drive only mode or it might be a unit that is quite new and the drivers are not built into the installation […]


Wuala on Windows Home Server

Wuala ( is an online storage platform from Lacie.  It differs from many other platforms because you can trade storage with other users.  That is you can allocate a certain amount of storage that can safely and securely be used by other users and in return get access to storage provided by other users.  From […]


Setting up DVBLink on WHS

This is an overview of how to setup DVBLink on Windows Home Server allowing one to serve live TV to other devices on your network including UPNP Players, Windows Media Centre and Windows Media Player. Setting up your hardware Open device manager and see if your hardware has been detected.  In most cases you should […]


TSMobiles Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client

If you are running a headless Windows Home Server such as the HP MediaSmart Servers you best option is to use the Windows Home Server Console from a Windows or Mac Computer.  However, it is possible to use Remote Desktop (RDP) to connect to your server and there are many clients out there for a […]


ClamAV Antivirus Add-In?

A few months back I was tinkering with creating Windows Home Server Add-Ins in Visual Studio.  I started work on an Anti-Virus Add-In based around ClamAV, the open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit.  I’m considering continuing the project and I’m interested to know how much interest there would be in such an Add-In.  If you would […]