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Configure Apple Router for WHS

New site Home Server Hacks have an an article showing step-by-step instructions complete with screen shots on how to manually configure the Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11n router for use with Windows Home Server (both HTTP, HTTPS and Remote Desktop). View the details here.


Virtual Windows Home Server

If you are like me and enjoy testing the different features of Windows Home Server and all the different add-ins available for it then it is a good idea to set up another copy of WHS in a testing environment. One way of doing this is within a virtual machine that allows you to install […]


Do you want to move or copy files from this zone

When working via remote desktop on the Server machine you may encounter the following error message when trying to move or copy a file. “Do you want to move or copy files from this zone”. This message is part of the Internet Explorer Enhance Security Configuration component. It occurs because you are copying from a […]


November Update – Your Network Health Icon Will Turn Red.

After installing the new November update for Windows Home Server you will notice that your network health icon will turn red. With this update, you can now get a trusted SSL certificate for your <your_name> domain name.  If you have already set up remote access via the console, settings screen, you will need to quickly […]


Speed up Data Transfer to WHS

Janssen Jones has posted 5 handy hints over at the WHS forums to speed up data transfer when copying material to your shared folders on the home server. If transferring LARGE amounts of media to the Music, Photos or Videos folder, disable “Media Sharing” for that folder. When Media sharing is turned on, WHS is […]


ADS & Data Corruption

Some Windows Home Server users have been experiencing data corruption issues in scenarios where data files that contain alternate NTFS data streams can potentially become corrupted when copied to shared folders on WHS. This is a major issue that Microsoft are currently testing and have said that it will be fixed as part of one […]


Should I re-boot WHS?

Windows Home Server should not be rebooted unless absolutely necessary. Necessary re-boots would be required at least once a month for critical/security updates from Microsoft and for other software that requires a reboot. Other reasons would include the addition of new hardware that requires the system to be off and planned shutdowns for other reasons […]


Windows Home Server Toolkit – The User Manual

In this post we hope to give you the information you need to get the most from Microsoft’s Windows Home Server Toolkit, a tool and an add-in with many advanced features. It’s important to note that the Toolkit will not make any changes to your computer, it will point out where the problem(s) lie so […]


How to Troubleshoot WHS Problems

Computerworld have published an article entitled How to troubleshoot Windows Home Server problems, which details solutions to issues you may run into with Windows Home Server and it’s associated software. The five page article by Preston Gralla shows you how to: Get The Windows Home Server Connector and Console to work Get remote access to […]


How-to Install SharePoint Services on Windows Home Server

For those of you that don’t know Windows SharePoint Services allows teams to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. And it can be installed with some difficulty for free on Windows Home Server. Luckily Tom from Ramblings of a Home Server User has posted a comprehensive 12 page PDF how to guide […]