WinPhone App for DVBLink

We have spoken about DVBLink in the past. Its a suite of applications which in one scenario would allow you to install tuner cards in your Windows Home Server, enabling you to watch TV in the lounge on Windows Media center which is accessing those tuners, thus network aware.

Developer Mark Wildenberg has made a Windows Phone 7 app called Tw TeeVee which enables you to stream live TV to your WinPhone 7.

Tw TeeVee Is DVBLink Installed Tw TeeVee IP Address

The download and configuration details are available here.

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  1. Peter Ward says:


    I’m very keen on setting-up DVB Link on my WHS, but I can’t find a single instance of it working (it hasn’t for me).

    I’m currently looking at running both WHS 2011 and W7 as virtual machines on the same host….

  2. Mark says:

    If you have any ideas, problems or comments on Tw TeeVee. Drop me a note on

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