HP MediaSmart Server under Mac OS X

Managing a Digital Lifestyle

From the depths of the world wide web we have found a technical paper from Hewlett Packard on how to manage a digital lifestyle in a mixed OS environment. The 12 page PDF document looks at how the HP MediaSmart Server can help you manage and share your digital media with both a Windows PC and a Apple Mac.

HP Mac OS X Functionality

Of particular interest is the table rating the functionality available on the HP MediaSmart Server under Mac OS X.

You can download the PDF from here.

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  1. Of particular note to Mac users, HP’s Time Machine support prohibits a full system restore. That means that if your hard drive fails… you’ll have to recover each and every document manually. Oh, and be stuck reinstalling all your software by hand.

    The good news is that I’ve come up with two workarounds. One for you the user, and one HP could implement.


  2. Also, HP says that Boot Camp is not supported for an initial PC installation (in case you want to use the MediaSmart in an all-Mac environment).

    While HP says it’s not supported, Windows Home Server does support Boot Camp. I really don’t see any reason why HP wouldn’t support this method unless they haven’t tested it throughly. I’ve done full system restores with Boot Camp from WHS… it works great.

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  4. […] technical abilities of the new servers and includes a table on which features work with Macs. (via MSWHS […]

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