Two Versions of Windows Home Server

Todd Headrick also known as "todd the product planner" of the WHS team is asking what you would think if their were 2 versions of Windows Home Server. One for the “basic” household and one for the “advanced” household. If this was the case what would be the user limit for each version, as at the moment WHS can be used by up to 10 users with no more than 10 computers.

As Todd states “their are rare occasions where someone has 11 computers or 12 or 17 or ? in their home”, so leave your thoughts and feedback to be taken into consideration for the next version of Windows Home Server.

Taken from the post 10 Computers & 10 Users on the Windows Home Server Team Blog.

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  1. Jay says:

    We currently have 7 machines that are being backed up, 3 more that are not being backed up, and 1 machine that was archived before being rebuilt, for a total of 11 in the house. It’s very likely that we will need to be backing up additional machines in the future, exceeding the 10 machine limit. Hopefully my EX470 can be upgraded in the future to a newer version of WHS that supports more than 10 clients.

  2. digital says:

    I think it’s better to stick with 1 version.. don’t go down the Vista road..

  3. Jim Reisz says:

    I prefer the single version of WHS, but why make a limitation to the number of home computers that can be backed up? If your WHS hardware is capable of backing up 20 home computers and you have that many home computers then why not use your home server to its full potential.

  4. AsH says:

    Stick with the single version, 1 size fits all! as we all know that many WHS producers will no doubt only bundle the cheapest version of WHS with their machines, why not force them to use the best (and only) version!! come on ppl, think about it…

  5. w3wilkes says:

    2 things…

    1- I could see 2 versions. Basic for those just looking for backup and file sharing capabilities. Premium for those that want full Media Center integration along with the basic functions.

    2- The base of both the “Basic” and “Premium” editions of Vail would support up to 10 clients, but sell license packs to add to that initial number of clients in increments of 5 additional clients.

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