Windows Small Business Server 2008 looks very similar to WHS

We have some screen shots of the new Windows Small Business Server 2008 for you. Do they look familiar to you?



Taken from the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 pages. Thanks to Bob Crook for bringing it to our attention.

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  • http://sbs.seandaniel.com Sean Daniel

    Philip, it’s probably because the design team was shared between SBS 2008 and Windows Home server. There are quite a few differences between the content of the consoles themselves, but the original design was shared for sure!

  • Steve

    Hmmmm – is this also a taste of WHS to come? Based on SBS 2008???

  • barineau

    Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on that.

  • http://www.ahsscolorado.com Bob Crook

    Could this possibly mean that Add-Ins could be incorporated into these new programs? Interesting speculative thought.

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  • Isaac Barpal

    I am using WHS, primarily because of the capability to “back up” into a new booting disk if necessary.

    Will Server 2008 (version ?) be able to do the same thing ???