WHS in the States $179-$189


In the WHS forums are details that PC Magazine’s AppScout has details on when Windows Home Server will be available in the States. It will be available from Newegg by the beginning of September 2007. Newegg expects that WHS will retail for about $179-$189 depending on their wholesale costs. The company will sell the standalone OEM software for those wanting to build their own systems.

Thank goodness we finally have a time frame and pricing for the US!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Not surprising.Microsoft had hinted that the price for WHS would be approximately the same as OEM versions of Windows XP/ Vista Home. I predict this will be a good revenue stream for System Builders.

  2. TheeFool says:

    That is actually, cheaper than I thought it was going to be.

  3. TheJudge says:

    That is a fair price to pay to build your own unit. I used all used parts at first on an old AMD 1.33 machine, so my only investment will be the OS. Hell, I’ll take two…LOL.

    Can’t wait to lay my paper on the counter!

  4. Yes i think as long as it stays below the $200 barrier then its not too bad a purchase.

  5. Rabbitslayer says:

    Looks like I’ll be putting XP back on that desktop again for the time being. $200 is just too much for my budget right now.

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